Solitudinal (is that even a word?)

It's April 22. For the most part, we're still in isolation mode and minding ourselves and acting accordingly (I realize some are and some are not, but I am nothing if not forever hopeful...). 

I've posted a new song on the DOWNLOADS page and in the site-wide music player. It's called Solitudinal. Add that word to your dictionaries and download the song, for free, to your players of choice. This one continues in the Ambient vein that I've been messing about with for a few years now. It's also the first session with the new studio set up. Minimalist to the Nth degree, but none less powerful in the right hands. I'll spare all of you the details of how many tracks, which plugins I used, what headphones I'm using, etc. However, I will mention that I used my trusty Stratocaster on this one. It's also the first track to be released through this site and this site only. So, tell your friends about it. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Stay safe and be kind...

...stay tuned.