D I S T I L L A T E Limited Edition CD package front cover. Not bad (if I do write so myself). Very pleased with this instrumental release. It's not your usual instrumental album.

The back cover of D I S T I L L A T E. All ten songs are originals written and performed by Yours Truly.

The liner notes for this CD package are found on the inner, left-hand panel (as you open the four panel package). The very last line of the notes wishes King Kong (the movie) a happy 100th birthday. The movie is not 100 years old this year - it is 90 years old this year. So, I felt that a correction was needed and some of the CDs actually have this hype sticker on the front.

The packaging for Which Way to the Starlite is something I'm quite proud of. Oasis CD Manufacturing and the fine folks at Sticker Mule have done a fantastic job with my designs. I could not be happier with the final results. Every element of this works (in my humble opinion).

At left a Gretsch G7593T White Falcon - Billy Duffy signature model. In the middle a Gretsch G5220 Electromatic in Dark Cherry Metallic. At right a Gretsch G6136-55VS from 2018. Hoo boy!!!

A Guild F 512 12 - String with D-TAR system in tact. Beautiful guitar. Incredibly easy to play. 

A shot from the Halloween Kick Off show in Auburn, NY way back in 1993. This was during the "release party" for the Black Cat CD. What do I remember most about this show? The snow...on friggin' Halloween. No one showed up! Photography by Carol DiSalvo.

The Fender family. Two fantastic Strats and a dependable 2007 Fender Precision V bass. The Strat at left is an American Deluxe V Neck from 2009/10. The Strat at right is a new Ultra Luxe model. Fantastic instruments.

Taken in the heart of my hometown - Skaneateles, NY. Photographer John Miller nailed it with this hand-colored photo. One of my favorites.

Promotional poster for the Home album. To this day, Home is the most popular album in the catalogue (although, Which Way to the Starlite is quickly gaining on it). Photography by John Miller.