Update on THE STARLITE project

Hello ALL!!!

I'm happy to be checking in with a progress report. Yes. There's been actual progress. Loads!!!

Engineer Steve Forney (Don't Look Back, Black Cat, and Home) has worked his magic on each of the eleven tunes to be included on Which Way to THE STARLITE and the music is sounding better than I ever could've imagined. And I'm not just blowing sunshine here. These songs have taken on a whole new feel and texture that I never thought possible. It's been quite inspiring to receive the songs as Steve completed them while I was working on lyrics. 

As of today, there are five completed songs. There will be a song titled Which Way to the Starlite (I didn't see that coming) and a couple others are White Lines (not the same song from the Blend release and definitely NOT a song about cocaine) and When You Let Go (yes - the original title of this album). I'm very pleased and quite proud of the work I'm putting in with these lyrics. 

Vocal recording begins the week of April 28th at The Studios at Linden Oaks, in Rochester, NY, with Steve helming the board for the whole mess. 

It's been a wild return to New York and things are not going to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Stay tuned!!!